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About us

We are a team of psychologists with a profound knowledge of the Aviation technical field/industry – including standard phraseology, aircraft types/aerodynamics, maintenance, operations/management, air traffic control/dispatch, regulations/authority requirements, research and development as well as associated tasks and activities. We look back on more than 15 years of experience working with Aviation personnel (pilots, cabin crews, air traffic controllers, engineers, maintenance and ramp crews, managers, safety experts and authority staff). Together we assist operators and individuals to optimize human and system performance at work. For detailed products and services please refer to more info below.


Dr. Margit H. KANKA

  • Accredited Aviation Psychologist

  • Certified Work-/Organisational Psychologist

  • Certified Clinical Psychologist

  • Dr. und MSc. in Psychology (University Vienna)

  • MA in Human Resource Management (Hawai’i Pacific University, USA)

Michaela Schwarz 016.jpg

Dr. Michaela SCHWARZ

  • Accredited Aviation Psychologist

  • Certified Work-/Organisational Psychologist

  • Licensed Just Culture Trainer

  • ICISF Approved CISM Instructor

  • Dr. & MSc. in Psychology (University Graz)

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